Longchuan Chamber of Commerce members and his entourage to visit Hong Yu Sheng visit
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Date: 2016-05-16
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Group mainly to stainless steel sales, set stainless steel processing, sales and technical services as one, under the jurisdiction of the subsidiaries were "Foshan City, Yan Shing King Steel has

Longchuan Chamber of Commerce members and his entourage to visit our company to visit the work guide

Hong Yu Sheng Group

The meeting begins

May 16 afternoon, Foshan City, Longchuan Chamber of Commerce and a member of about 30 business representatives came to Guangdong Hong Yu Sheng Business Group to carry out learning and exchange activities, Hong Yu Sheng Group Chairman Peng Wenyi and general manager Wang Jun with the Longchuan Chamber of Commerce The arrival of a warm welcome. Members of the representatives at the meeting to share the entrepreneurial experience of Syria and Syria.

Peng Dong speaks

As vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, Peng Dong to each member representative made a brief business profile. And communicate the exchange of market conditions and future development of the strategic direction. Combined with the current situation of the Group to discuss the representatives of the management strategy, exchange management experience, sharing entrepreneurial experience.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce

At the exchange meeting, all the members here have expressed the Hong Yu Sheng business group management model, planning, strategic pattern, and so agreed. We have a full and enthusiastic discussion, exchange experiences, hope that through the Long Chuan Chamber of Commerce this platform can better promote themselves, with the power of the platform, sharing resources and common development.

Wang made a statement

General Manager Wang Junyong on behalf of Hong Yu Sheng Group to speak, introduce the status quo of the company and describe the status of the stainless steel market.

visit the factory

After the meeting, Chairman Peng Wenyi led the members of the Longchuan Chamber of Commerce to come to the joint inspection and inspection work.

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