Organizational structure

Organizational structure




Job Responsibilities

Board of Directors:

1, the company's highest authority;

2, to determine the Group's business plan and investment program;

3, decided to set the internal management of the Group;

4, approved the basic management system of the Group;

5, listen to the general manager of the work report and make a resolution;

6, consider the development of the Group's annual financial pre-accounting, accounting and profit distribution plan, make up for loss programs;

7, the Group to increase or decrease the registered capital, separation, merger, termination and liquidation and other major matters to make a decision;

8, the appointment or dismissal of the company general manager, and decided to reward and punishment.


1, convened to preside over the board meeting;

2, signed or authorized to sign the company contract and other important documents, signed by the board of directors appointed personnel appointment;

3. To review the implementation of the resolutions of the Board of Directors during the inter-sessional period of the Board of Directors and to hear the report of the general manager of the Group on the implementation of the resolutions of the Board of Directors;

4, in the event of war, large natural disasters and other major events, all matters for the exercise of special powers of adjudication and disposal, but such decisions and disposal must be consistent with the interests of the state and the company;

5, to determine and guide the Group's foreign affairs and group planning financial work in the major issues and the Group's major business activities;

6, the laws and regulations shall be exercised by the legal representative of the powers and powers.


Group General Manager Office:

1, presided over the company's daily production and management, responsible for the company's safe operation, the organization and implementation of the Board of Directors resolution, and the implementation of the report to the chairman


2, the organization and implementation of the Group's annual business plan and investment program;

3. To formulate, adjust or revoke the specific program of the internal management of each subsidiary company;

4, the development of the Group's basic management system;

5, the development of the company's specific rules and regulations;

6, to hire or dismiss the group company deputy general manager, chief financial officer, director of operations and above positions.

Group General Manager:

1, presided over and supervised the Group of the company's general manager, to carry out the unit daily production and management, organization and implementation and implementation of the situation to the chairman


2, the organization of the company's general manager of the implementation of the sub-branch of the annual business plan and investment programs;

3, the formulation, adjustment or revocation of their respective subsidiaries, subsidiaries of the internal management of specific programs;

4, supervise the group company, and the general manager of the subsidiaries, the establishment of the company's basic management system;

5, the approval of the subsidiaries of the Group, the specific rules of the branch;

6, the appointment or dismissal of the subsidiaries of the general manager, and the financial person in charge, the operation of the person in charge;

7, the appointment or dismissal should be appointed by the general manager of the Office of the appointment or dismissal of the management and staff;

8, according to the relevant rules and regulations of the group company employees rewards and punishments, upgrades, pay and dismissal;

9, within the scope of duties, external representatives of the company to deal with business;

10, the company's long-term development plan to promote, supervise the responsibility;

11, the Board of Directors, the board of directors authorized other matters.

Finance Department:

1, in accordance with the national financial, tax-related laws and regulations, combined with the company's industry characteristics, scientific and rational organization of financial activities, develop a unified and sound financial rules and regulations system;

2, according to the company's annual business plan in the investment plan and project schedule plan, responsible for the preparation of the corresponding capital demand forecasting plan and a variety of financial budget plan, to meet the company's operating capital and investment and construction needs, the most reasonable allocation of scheduling funds , Actively raise funds;

3, in accordance with the general principles of corporate finance, accounting standards, reasonable organization of accounting work, the implementation of accounting supervision, the various payments, property to send and receive, increase and decrease, use, debt, debt accounting, , The cost of the cost calculation, according to the accounting procedures, the correct accounting procedures, the real registration of the account, and do account in line with the account, consistent with the material;

4, according to the development of approved financial expenditure plan and the provisions of the scope of expenditure, standards, careful review of the raw material equipment procurement plan, accurate and timely to do cost accounting review, control, settlement, and strive to reduce costs;

5, in strict accordance with the provisions of the state to use cash to pay cash, control the amount of cash inventory. To keep the cash in hand, financial seal, blank check and receipt, in accordance with the provisions of the company settlement system for payment of payment;

6, the completion of accounting work on time, the timely preparation of various accounting statements, according to the provisions of the completion of the tax declaration, measurement, payment, relief work, responsible for the company's related goods procurement review, approval, registration work;

7, audit and payment of the company's staff salaries, bonuses and benefits and insurance management, responsible for the acquisition of fixed assets, transfer, clearing and producing capital, reported loss, depreciation management, responsible for the company's fund raising, financing, use, management, co-ordinate the company Foreign long - term investment, responsible for the project investment financial assessment, audit and cost control;

8, the company's economic contract centralized management, to participate in the major economic contracts to negotiate, formulate, review, sign, do a good job contract registration, filing archives work and is responsible for organizing inspection, supervision and implementation of economic contracts;

9, to participate in the various departments of the target plan responsibility for the establishment of financial indicators, assessment, and the implementation of process supervision, evaluation and timely feedback to the company leaders;

10, responsible for the company's internal audit, audit work;

11, the proper custody of accounting records, a variety of accounting books, vouchers and statements for filing, volume, access, destruction and other operations management;

12, regular accounting information collection, collation, statistics, analysis of financial plan implementation, assessment of the use of funds, revealing the operation of enterprises

In the timely problems for the leadership to provide accurate financial information, business status and rationalization of the proposal;

13, to complete the other tasks assigned by the general manager.


Administrative Personnel:

1, responsible for the company's daily administrative affairs management and information submitted;

2, contact the relevant administrative business, visit, and by functional authority, procedures for processing;

3, coordination of relevant management departments of public relations, dealing with relevant public affairs;

4, the company's work and life environment, public health, staff quarters, staff canteen and other administrative affairs of the implementation of direct management, the implementation of hierarchical management of the company, the development of corporate governance rules, inspection, supervision of various departments, the company's administrative responsibilities ;

5, responsible for the company office equipment management, hydropower facilities management and maintenance maintenance;

6, responsible for the company's internal documents, the information of the text, print, send, handle all kinds of foreign documents, improve the receipt and payment procedures;

7, according to the company's business needs, search, publish relevant information, provide information services;

8, responsible for the preparation of corporate meetings and events, business, corporate events, important records of activities, according to the record;

9, improve the company's internal and external publicity, advertising and other specific business;

10, responsible for the organization, the implementation of the company staff recruitment plan, standard recruitment, transfer, appointment and removal, transfer, dismissal, separation and other personnel management procedures;

11, the establishment of the company staff classification roster, file;

12, co-ordinate, arrange the company's comprehensive utilization of manpower;

13, according to the actual situation of the organization to the training department of the training, assessment, organization of staff health style activities, to create corporate culture;

14, pooling the central departments, economic entities quarterly work plan, year-end summary;

15, inspection and supervision of the implementation of the rules and regulations of the company to correct the phenomenon of violation of discipline, according to the procedures put forward opinions.


Business headquarters:

: Marketing Department KA and Terminal Services

1, the organization to develop sales management of the various rules and regulations and the system within the institutional settings and staffing;

2, responsible for the company's business strategy, marketing strategy and competitive strategy planning, implementation;

3, responsible for the company's business system under the various departments of the work carried out and promote;

4, responsible for the company's business system under the various departments of the integration, coordination, performance verification;

5, responsible for the coordination of business systems and other departments of the company, collaboration;

6, according to the company's production and sales of the actual needs and market research feedback, guide the development of reasonable and feasible market development plan;

7, responsible for the preparation of the company's annual marketing plan and long-term marketing development plan;

8, guidance and coordination under the Ministry of the implementation of the annual marketing plan and long-term marketing development plan;

9, responsible for the maintenance of the company's business network and key customer training and training;

10, to guide the establishment of an effective business network system and sales service system;

11, responsible for the organization and coordination under the various departments to ensure that the sales business is normal and healthy;

12, the preparation of marketing costs budget and supervision, control the implementation;

13, responsible for the appointment and removal of marketing system personnel, promotion and dismissal;

14, from time to time to inspect the market, to guide the work carried out.


Foreign Trade Division:

1, actively explore the international market, contact foreign customers, to seek orders, and lead business negotiations and signed a contract;

2, responsible for foreign trade orders negotiations, signing, document review, order management, transportation, customs declaration, foreign exchange, etc .;

3, responsible for the assessment of foreign trade orders, tracking, management and risk control;

4, responsible for foreign trade business process management and risk control;

5, responsible for the orders of the production and supply, cargo inspection, commodity inspection and other procedures to track the timely processing of all aspects of the problem;

6, responsible for customer information finishing, do a good job of customer requests for timely feedback and processing;

7, responsible for the implementation of the contract in the process of emergency handling of the accident;

8, responsible for subordinate clerk training and guidance;

9, to complete the temporary assignment of the general manager of the company.

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