Company profile


Guangdong Hong Yu Sheng Business Group, established in 2017.

Group mainly to stainless steel sales, set stainless steel processing, sales and technical services as one, under the jurisdiction of the subsidiaries were "Foshan City Yan Shing King Steel Co., Ltd.", "Foshan City Fuxing Long Steel Co., Ltd.", "Foshan City source of high-metal materials Trade Co., Ltd. "and" Foshan City of St. Metal Products Co., Ltd. ".

After more than 10 years of continuous efforts and development, these companies in the field of stainless steel to establish a good brand image and formed a certain influence. As a result of business development, the needs of market competition, the Group from 2017 onwards, the integration of several companies to group the mode of operation of the coordinated development of Guangdong Hong Yu Sheng Business Group was born.

The functional orientation of the Group is to manage, plan and integrate the resources of the industrial chain, and to deploy, perfect and improve the existing system of the company as a means to achieve the purpose of enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises and building the corporate culture.

In the form of group, we will make full use of the scale effect of the group enterprises, carry out industrial chain docking on the existing basis, enhance the marketing management, organization and management, supply chain management, financial management, human resources management, customer relationship management And so on all-round co-operation to help the sound development of subsidiaries, to provide customers with higher and better service. In addition, the company will also increase the foreign trade sector, open up the international market for the company's development to add new impetus.

Guangdong Hong Yu Sheng Group was established, can not be separated from the industry colleagues, as well as upstream and downstream customer care and support. Group will be in the "determined to be stainless, pragmatic" development concept, and strengthen service quality, improve service efficiency; adhere to the "people-oriented, create win-win" talent development concept, build a more dynamic, more competitive Enterprise platform.

Looking to the future, we believe that the development of the Group, will take steps to develop a broader world!

Address: Shunde District, Foshan City, Chencun Town, Tan Village Industrial Zone, No. 38, the source of the logistics city of H District 2, 3rd Floor, No. 3    Tel: (0757) 22192666